Eyeglasses – The Transition from Necessity to Accessory

Eyeglasses were always considered outside the realm of fashion until recently. However, judging from the amount of face-time that eyeglasses are getting over the past few years, it’s probably safe to say that eyeglasses have gone from nerd-necessity to chic -accessory. Designers have found that they can express themselves with glasses and can match their apparel ranges to trendy eye-wear.

Gone are those days where people use to choose contacts over eyeglasses. Eyeglasses are no longer confined to those with vision problems. Today they are as much a fashion accessory as they are a functional solution, for vision correction, with unlimited potential and choice. Glasses have become such a big hit with fashionistas that there are even zero-prescription options available for those who don’t actually need a prescription, but want to be on trend. The type of eyeglasses you buy says as much about your personality and preferences as your demeanor, gestures and inflections. And, what better way to express your personality and sense of style than through your eye-wear.

Eyeglasses – What’s out there?

There are multiple categories of frames to consider. Some come with oval frames, other rectangular, still others round and the latest trends, which include retro, vintage-inspired frames, chunky tortoise shells and geometric shapes that attract rather than deflect  attention . Manufacturers are even providing unique children’s frames that include various themes including their favorite cartoon characters. Featherweight frames are also increasingly in popularity as consumers seek out more lightweight selections for every day wear. Glasses now serve so much purpose than just being practical, they are a fashion accessory that can speak volumes about your style and add an alluring and intellectual angle to any outfit. You may decide to buy a pair of eyeglasses to match a specific outfit, your hair color, your mood or your personality.

In fact, today you can select from plastic frames to titanium frames to diamond plated frames and more. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to your eyeglass frames. You can buy designer labels, sporty frames, sunshades, professional spectacles and more. The type of frame you purchase will ultimately influence your purchase price.

Are you in style?

Though we will always have an aged population and a still younger ‘computer and smartphone addicted’ generation that would need prescription glasses, consumer statistics have shown that there has been an increase in the number of people that wear glasses ‘without’ prescription lenses. That says a lot about the eye-wear fashion trend. No longer do those who are forced to wear prescription glasses have to dread them, they are actually one step ahead of those who have gone out to buy the zero-prescription versions so they can stay in style!



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