Are ‘we’ killing the traditional Brick and Mortar business?

  We are at that period in history where every individual has better things to do with their time. We’d much rather relax at home, go out with friends or participate in an adventure. At a time when it’s so much easier to order a pizza online, or for that matter everything from pens to shoes, shirts, and sofas, do we... Read more

Lemons in the ‘Lime’light – Health Benefits

Originated in Southeast Asia, their potential uses go far beyond fish tacos and cocktail garnishes. They taste great in water and soda or as they call them in India, lime soda. As it turns out, they are also great for your body! It makes sense to discuss the health benefits of lemons and limes at the same time, as they have... Read more

Body Language – Attract the men you are interested in

Like a guy and want to get him interested? Too shy to make the first move? Find it difficult to make any guy friends?  Have guy friends but even the ones you are attracted to, end up becoming “just friends’? If the answer to any one of the questions above is yes, then this article is for you. We often hear... Read more